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Informer of new versions of programs
Designed for those users who prefer to use the latest versions of the software. The resource is more focused on linux programs. But the versions of most programs are the same for all OS.

Information about the program

App name:python

Description: Python is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language. It runs on many plattforms and its powerful yet coherent syntax makes it well-suited for experts and beginners. It's strongly-typed and dynamic, provides for modules, polymorphic classes, exceptions, and high level data types and control structures. Bindings exists for a wide range of libraries, such as system interfaces, windowing and graphical toolkits. Modules exist for high-level mathematic and scientific applications, text processing, system programming, databases, server and network utilities, web frameworks, and it's thoroughly documented.

Date Description
09.12.2023 Version update to 3.12.1
25.10.2022 Version update to 3.12.0
24.10.2022 Version update to 3.11.0
12.10.2022 Version update to 3.10.8
06.09.2022 Version update to 3.10.7
02.08.2022 Version update to 3.10.6
06.06.2022 Version update to 3.10.5
24.03.2022 Version update to 3.10.4
17.03.2022 Version update to 3.10.3
15.01.2022 Version update to 3.10.2

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