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Designed for those users who prefer to use the latest versions of the software. The resource is more focused on linux programs. But the versions of most programs are the same for all OS.

Information about the program

App name:GParted

Description: GParted is a hard disk partitioning application commonly used from LiveCDs.
It allows to created and modify partitions, label, check, copy and move, or resize common filesystems. GParted works on legacy MBR bootsectors or GUID partition tables (GPT). Supported filesystems include ext2/3/4, btrfs, f2fs, FAT16/32, hfs/hfs+, lvm2, NTFS, reiserfs/4, ufs, and xfs.

Date Description
26.03.2024 Version update to 1.6.0
21.02.2023 Version update to 1.5.0
29.03.2022 Version update to 1.4.0
20.07.2021 Version update to 1.3.1
03.05.2021 Version update to 1.3.0
25.01.2021 Version update to 1.2.0
21.01.2020 Version update to 1.1.0